Roster Settings


The roster settings page allows you to configure various options related to rostering such as budget settings and custom notification messages.

There are 2 areas where roster settings can be accessed. Both areas can only be accessed and modified by a user with payroll administrator access.

To access the primary and more detailed settings page, go to Business > Payroll Settings > Rostering (located under the Business Management section).

You will then be taken to the following screen:

From here, you can configure the following:

  • Whether users with manager access are able to edit roster budgets (if not, the budget settings must be set up and maintained by a payroll administrator).
  • The threshold where budget warnings will be shown in the roster (eg: if the shift costs start exceeding 85% of the budgeted amount). An example of how the warning indicators appear in the roster are as follows (red = over budget; amber = exceeding warning amount; grey = within budget):

  • The entry method for budgets. The budget can either be entered as a percentage of sales or as direct daily budget amounts.
  • Whether staff have the ability to decline shifts assigned to them.   
  • Custom message for shift notification emails.
  • Custom message for SMS notifications.

The second area where you can access the roster settings is within the roster screen itself. Click on the cog in the top right corner, as follows:

The following panel will appear:


As you can see, the Settings panel here does not give you the ability to add/change custom content for notification emails or sms (this can only be done from the Payroll Settings area as detailed above).

You will also notice that the settings here mirror the settings from Business > Payroll Settings > Rostering. Any changes made here will accordingly update the roster settings in Business > Payroll Settings > Rostering and vice versa.

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