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The Power of KeyPay Plus


KeyPay Plus is the one stop shop for workforce management. We’ve built our software for payroll managers wanting to make their working life easier with fewer spreadsheets, systems and headaches.

All the benefits of Standard Payroll + extra features for greater workforce efficiencies


Award Installation & Interpretation

Install pre-configured awards to automate payroll compliance and remove all complex manual interpretation. We do the work for you.


Pay Conditions Engine

Create your own rule sets for any award or enterprise agreement to automate your business processes.


Time & Attendance Kiosk

Eliminate paper based timesheets and the never ending spreadsheets - recording employee start, finish and break times has never been so easy using the Clock Me In app.



KeyPay rosters allow you to easily create shifts according to budget and staff availability. Shift notifications are sent to staff with a click of a button.  



Staff can access all their work documentation, shift notifications, pay slips and bank details on our WorkZone app available on both iOS and Android.


For more information on how KeyPay Plus can save you time across your entire business, check out Advanced Features 

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