Employees: Updating your Details


From the employee portal, go to the top menu and click ‘Details’. From here you can change your own details, your emergency contacts, your bank accounts and super fund.

You’ll notice that your name, your start date, your birth date and your anniversary date are all marked in grey and cannot be changed. If you need these to be amended, please speak with your manager.


Information that can be modified:


Mobile number

Home phone

Residential and postal addresses

If you make any changes to this, be sure to click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.



Emergency Contacts

Please ensure you enter both a Primary and a Secondary Emergency contact in this section.

Once you’re comfortable with the details you have provided, click 'Save'.


Bank Accounts

You can divide your net pay into different bank accounts. In the example below, we have set our remaining balance to our everyday savings account and allocated $50 to an account for holiday savings and 10% of my salary to an investment account.

You can have as many bank accounts set up as you need. If you need to add a bank account simply click on the ‘Add’ button and fill out your details.


Super Funds

If you need to update your super fund details at any time, you can do this here. You can also split your super across multiple accounts, just as you did with your pay and bank accounts.


To add a new fund, click ‘Add’.

Click on ‘Choose Super Fund’, enter the name of your fund. The system will run a search for you:


Choose your super fund, enter your Member number and apply either a fixed amount or a percentage to be allocated to this fund. Click Save once you’re comfortable with the details.

Self Managed Super Funds

You can also choose to allocate superannuation to a self managed super fund. You do this by adding or modifying one of the existing details and then choosing the Self Managed tab.

Enter in all the details in the screen below.


Depending on how your Employee Self Service portal has been set up you may not be able to modify some or all of these details. If that is the case, please contact your manager.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know via support@yourpayroll.com.au



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