Rostering Settings


The Rostering settings page allows you to configure various options related to Rostering such as budget settings and custom notification messages.

To access Rostering settings, the menu can be located by clicking on the 'Rostering' option located on the side dash:

QBO users get to Rostering by clicking on the ‘Employee’ button, then ‘Manage Employees’:


Once you have opened up Rostering settings, the page will look similar to the following screenshot:


From here, you can configure:

  • Whether managers are able to edit roster budgets (if not, the budgets must be set up by a payroll administrator)
  • The threshold where budget warnings will be shown. (eg: if the shift costs are within 85% of the budgeted amount)
  • The entry method for budgets - The budget can either be entered as a percentage of sales or as direct daily budget amounts
  • Custom message for shift notification emails
  • Custom message for SMS notifications. 

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