Timesheets Report


In the report set within KeyPay, you are able to produce a Timesheets Report.  This report will give you a listing of all the timesheets, within the specified date range, by Location, by Timesheet Status and then will group by either Location, Work Type, Employee or Date.  

To access and create a Timesheets Report follow these steps;

  1. Select "Reports" from the dashboard here...

   2. Then under the Payroll Reports heading, select Timesheets Report...


3.  To select the particular Timesheet Report you require, you will need to make a selection from the options available as explained in the first paragraph (See image below).  Please note, you are able to choose more than one status type.


    4.  After you have made your report selections choose "Run Report" - the blue button on the bottom right hand side of screen.  Note you are also offered the option to produce the report in a CSV or PDF file format (see image above).


If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know via support@yourpayroll.com.au

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