Creating Employee Groups


In order to allow users to approve leave requests/timesheets for a set of employees, we first need to define that set of employees.

Do this using ‘Employee Groups’. This allows you to define a set of employees (either by selecting employees explicitly or by specifying a criteria such as ‘all employees within a particular location’ , ‘all casual employees’ and/or a combination of criteria).

One of the interesting properties of employee groups is that they are dynamic. When a new employee is added that matches the criteria, they are automatically added to the group.  This reduces the configuration overhead required when setting up new employees.

To begin setting up employee groups, select Employee Groups from the list under the Business Management heading on the Payroll Settings tab of your payroll dashboard...

QBO users get to Payroll Settings by clicking on the ‘Payroll Settings’ button:


As an example, lets say that manager ‘Ron Burgundy’ is in charge of the employees in the call centre and accounts departments. Let’s define a group that contains those employees.


This group is dynamic, as discussed earlier; For the group that I have defined above, when I add a new employee to the Call centre, they will be automatically added to our employee group.

When you change the criteria, the UI is updated, indicating the number of employees that match this criteria


Employee groups allow more advanced criteria as well. For example lets say that Ron is only in charge of the casual staff in the call centre and accounts departments.


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